Svarta, self catering salmon fishing

Svartá is an amazing 4 rod salmon river. It is located in North West Iceland above Blanda river.
Svartá is 25 km long, a fly only river with great number of good pools. It has a large number of loyal customers fishing there year after year. The Svartá river is one of the country’s best-kept angling secrets for Salmon. Situated in the northern highlands.
The river offers over 25 km of gorgeous salmon fly water that is set in a magnificent scenery. Around every corner there is a new challenge. Fishing pressure has always been light as the river has never been marketed to foreign anglers. Average weight of the salmon is around 8 lbs. mark and they are caught up to 20 lbs.

Only four rods share the exclusive fishing right for over 25km of water. The Svartá river is fly only, great for floating line and riffling hitch.
We have a comfortable lodge with Jacuzzi. Best time is mid/late July until the mid September.