Svarta – a beauty in the north

Svartá is one of the absolute best fly-fishing rivers in Iceland. It‘s size is perfect for the single handed rod, large enough so that you don‘t have to sneak up to the bank but small enough to be covered easily with the single handed rod.  Floating lines, small flies and hitch tubes are the optimum tools here – but keep the leaders strong! The ratio of multi-winter salmon in Svartá is among the highest in the country. Svartá is a 4 rod river, over 25 kilometers in length (15,5 miles) and 80 marked pools.

The catch returns have been rising over the last few years, we turned it into a fly fishing only river some four years ago and encouraged anglers to release salmon. We are proud to say that our angling clientele responded well to this and much of salmon caught there in recent years has been released back into the river. It  is mandatory to release all salmon over 70 cm in length (multi-winter salmon).

When Lax-a took charge of Svartá in 2007 the 4-year average catch returns were around 250 salmons per season, since this river came under our wing the average catch return has climbed to 400 salmon – with a steady increase from year to year. It is our belief that Svartá can easily yield around 1000 salmon each season; she will reach that mark within a few years.
The Svartá lodge is comfortable and spacious self catering lodge. It has five double bedrooms, a jacuzzi and a good view of the river. The Blanda lodge is only 10 minutes away, so upgrading to a full service lodge is very easy, in the Blanda lodge you’ll find 2 jacuzzi’s, a sauna and very comfortable dining- and sitting rooms.
We have a few very good days available in late July (20-23rd) and superb days in late August (26 – 29th).
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All my best,
Valgerdur Arnadottir