Success in the land of fire and ice – Jesper Roholm

Our angler Jesper Roholm just returned from Iceland back home and I was thrilled to hear that he had such a great time here, here are his comments and photos from the trip:

“Thanks to Lax-a and the guide to make my first trip to Thingvellir a complete success.
After a lot of emails and a few telefone calls to Johann, we were finally there, ready to get my trout that have spooked my dreams for the last 6 months, in a nice lodge with sauna and jacuzzi, where we could rest in between the 4 days of fishing in the Lake.
jesper1We hit it the second day when we got out there on the reef, i didnt take long before the first bite, and the fish came to the shore, a few photos and a quick release, then the fishing got completely insane, in 2 hours there were landed, 4 fish over 5 kilos and one over 4 kilo.
It was like a dream come true, like the guide Thorsteinn said, Thingvellir could be very hard fishing, but when you hit it, you will be rewarded, and i think we got it plenty this evening.
Thingvellir is like a pain, and this pain will hunt me, until I get back, I will have to get back, AS soon as possible, very soon and very fast.
I can’t thank you guys and girls enough, you made my dream come true.

Best regards
Jesper Roholm Pedersen