Stóra Laxá Beat IV – Out of this world

I will tell everyone everywhere that Stóra Laxá beat 4 is one of the most beautiful fishing spots in the world and you have to see it to believe it. The nature there is out of this world!

The gin clear river flows through a large canyon and the salmon can easily be spotted from above. But be careful not to peek before you cast, if you see the salmon he will definitely have seen you too.

Imagine yourself fishing deep in a large canyon with the turquoise water in front of you, there is no sound other than the rushing beat of the river. It is just you and nature, you and the salmon. Will he rise?

We have a few days open in the beginning of the season in July, that is prime time in the river. Beat four has a stock of large salmon that arrive early and run all the way up river in one streak. Will you be waiting for them in the canyon?

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