Stora Laxa and Asgardur Combination

The Stora Laxa river is one of the most beautiful rivers in Iceland, for myself I will never get enough of it, there are new fishing places around every corner more beautiful then the other. The Asgardur is situated nearby which makes it great as a combination but that is a very different river so it is good to experience both. It would be perfect to spend f.ex. 3 days at Stora Laxa and 2 days at Sog Asgardur and Sydri Bru.

Best time for these rivers will be late season , or late July ,  August and September,  4 rods on the best beats on the river Sog and another 4 rods on the best beat on the Stora Laxá river which  is the most pictures river of Iceland and my all time favorite salmon river that I have ever fished.  My suggestion is to take 4 rods on the best beat on the Stora laxa , and 4 rods on the best beats on the river Sog , it is only 30 minutes drive from one river to another. It is possble as well to stay at  the Luxury lodge or stay at the self catering lodge Asgardur and have full boarding and Grimsborgir, situated only 10 minutes walking distance from the lodge.

These two rivers is only about just over an hour drive of Reykjavik and most of the interesting sightseeing places is right there in the area if anglers want to see some of the Icelandic nature unique places like the National Park Thingvellir where the oldest parlament in the world is , the hot springs Geysirs , the great waterfalls Gullfoss , also short for a snowmobile trip up to the glaciers , horse riding. There is a hot tub and sauna in the lodge.