Soon we will start

Now it is less than a month until we open for salmon in Iceland.  We are getting really excited and are optimistic about good catches this summer.

Last year the season started with an absolute bang in the Blanda river and the first two days gave 99 salmon for the four rods, all big one up to twenty pounds. Needless to say that is a record for the river.

Overall in 2016 the MWS runs were extremely good and the season therefore did start beautifully in many rivers. On the downside the grilse runs in July were under average so the season did not go from strength to strength.

It was a strange year in that regard that for example rivers like Blanda and East Ranga had their prime time in June beginning of July and not from the middle of July beginning of August like in a normal year.

All reports point to very strong grilse runs this year and we are optimistic for a catch over average. But then again in fishing you never know. It will always be fun, i can promise you that.

What was that popular saying again? A bad day fishing is better than a good day golfing, wasn’t it?

Tight lines – Johann David