Soon we will be fishing

A new year has arrived and soon we will be fishing. In exactly 88 days the first rivers in Iceland will open for trout and sea trout fishing and in only 29 days river Dee in Scotland will open.

It will be exciting as usual to monitor the first days of the season in Scotland, will the fishing continue to get better or… Well let’s hope so.

I hope to be able to get back to Scotland this spring to do some salmon fishing. Went there last spring, did not get a single hit for three days but still loved it. My first Scottish salmon is still waiting for me.

In Iceland i tend to start in the lovely little Varmá which is a very good trout river, big arctic char and massive sea –trout. The river is only half an hour’s drive from Reykjavik, easy to reach and fun to fish.

In June the salmon fishing starts, then i have a meeting with the big boys in Blanda.  To fish in Iceland in the beginning of summer when it never gets dark is pure magic.

Tight Lines

Johann David –