Season start at Lax-á Rivers

We have a few rivers that have opened this week. As you may have seen on the web page West Ranga opened with 25 fish just on the first six hours this morning. A great start.

Hallá began its season with one salmon, but there were signs of new fish. Langadalsá and Hvannadalsá opened the same day this week. Unfortunately, our sister rivers in the west fjords have no news to deliver. The water level is extremely high in both rivers and clearly the spring melt is coming late because of the cold spring. However, it is not unusual for these rivers to start quietly.

Sog River also opened with the first fish coming at the top beat in the river, Syðri Brú the second day. We have still yet to have a fish at Ásgarður but if the top beat has salmon you can guarantee fish at Ásgarður. This means we can expect the first fish at Ásgarður beat soon.

And finally the upper beat at Blanda is on its way with two great salmon. The two Icelandic anglers caught one 96cm and another 91cm. Fantastic fish the open the season with (pictures of both salmon in the article).