Screaming Reels

And so it goes, the season is over for me this year. All I can do now is cherish the memories and look forward to create new ones next summer.

This was a strange summer indeed, I think I have never caught as few salmon in one summer but on the other hand i have never caught a larger salmon in Iceland and of course there is a story that goes with it.

I was fishing Blanda beat one, late June and the river was full of big fish. The pool „Breiðan“was especially lively with huge fish jumping all over the place.  I started on the north side and after a few casts it was like a steam train took my fly, the Loop classic screamed as the beast swam away like he had nothing towing at him.

Conditions at the pool are such that after the pool there are long rapids so if the fish goes down he is in most instances lost.  Bearing that in mind I tightened the break as much as i dared but still the salmon was taking my line as there was nothing. When he got closer to the edge i made the mistake of trying to stop him with full force. The fly came out of the water with force, two hooks bent completely up. This was probably the largest fish I have ever fought (they always are when they get away 🙂

Next up I had the south side of the pool. Again after a few casts i had a strong take and you fell it right away that this is a good size fish, they behave in silent slow movement after the take, no shake just a heavy powerful slow drag.

Bearing in mind my mistake from earlier i decided to play this fish as delicately as i could, hardly any force, just keep it gently in the current. It worked, the fish behaved much better than the previous beast and soon enough i was able to land it – A 96 cm fat female with sea lice, probably around the 20 pound mark.

Will I go again next year you ask? You bet.

Tight Lines

Johann David –