Salmon fishing openings for 2017 ….

Good afternoon from Iceland , Salmon fishing season in Iceland finally closed and we are coming slowly in to dark Icelandic winter. We at the Lax-a office are already in full process to fill up our salmon rivers in Iceland for next season 2017 with keen anglers from all over the world. We would like to hear as soon as possible from you to secure some exciting fishing for you. Please find below our openings for 2017.
Salmon in Iceland full service lodges / rivers:
East Rangá , 28th June to 4th July 6 rods , 4th July to 10th July 2 rods , 11th August to 18th August 4 rods , 24th August to 30th August 6 rods. The spring was so excellant on the East Ranga last summer , the last week of June produced 200 salmon and the first week of July produced 600 big fish. Grilse was missing this year and it made our late season fishing diffycult , but hopefully they will all appear again in 2017. East Rangá lodge is lovely and have been renovated.
West Ranga , 11th July to 17th July 4 rods , 17th July to 23rd July 5 rods , 23rd July to 29th July 3 rods. Every single day in July on the West Ranga the daily catch was over 100 salmon , and many of them big two winter fish , and some over 20 pounds. Brand new lodge with all comfort.
Blanda , beat 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 is fully booked until from middle of August where we have few rods available.
Nordura , 27th July to 30th July and 2nd August to 8th August.
Kjarra, 11th August to 17th August and 24th August to 29th August.

Salmon in Iceland self catering lodges / rivers:
Sog Asgardur, 9th July to 15th July , 28th July to 3rd August. Exclusive beat and lovely lodge , 3 rods
Svarta , 24th Agust to 30th August, exclusive river and lodge , 4 rods.
Langadalsa , fully booked.
Leyrvogsa , 24th June to 30th June , 30th June to 6th July , 31st July to 6th August , 18th to 24th August , Leyrvogsa is a private 2 rod river with a average catch at 600 salmon pr. Season , this is one of the best salmon fishing in Iceland taking catch pr. Rod pr. Day.
Stora Laxá beat 1 and 2, 6th July to 12th July , 18th July to 24th July , 6th August to 12th August. Exclusive beat and lodge , 4 rods.
Stora Laxá beat 3, 12th July to 18th July , 24th July to 30th July , 12th August to 18th August. Exclusive beat and lodge , 2 rods.
Tungufljot , 12th August to 18th August and 14th September to 20th September. The month of September was the prime fishing on Tungufljot , the 4 rods landed some 250 Salmon in September.

Seatrout in Iceland.
Tungufljot in Skaftártungum far south, this is the best seatrout river in Iceland with seatrout over 20 pounds , very short 60 days season , September and the October is the months.

Greenland, Searun Arctic Charr , 1st July to 8th July , 15th July to 22nd July , 29th July to 5th August. Beautiful new lodge and pristine small rivers and lakes full of Arctic Charr.

Russia, Kola river 10th June to 17th June , 24th June to 1st July , Lower Yokanga 17th June to 24th June , Middle Camp Yokanga 1st July to 8th July ,

Scotland , River DEE , beat Lower Crathes and West Durris , there will be a few openings in the season which is from 1st February to 15th October.

Please contact me at or call me on my Mobile +354 8983601 , Arni