Middalsa is located on the eastern part of the Westfjords, in an area generally referred to as “Strandir”. The river holds 2 rods and is surprisingly big and holds water quite well – even in the driest of summers. Middalsa yields both sea run char and some salmon.

The river is in a very beautiful setting and access to the pools is quite good, but on the upper half anglers must cross the river to get to the top pools – so a 4×4 car is recommended.  Alternatively anglers can simply park there and walk up to the uppermost pools.
The river is only 10 kilometers from the nearest village (Holmavik) – but still very private. This is an inexpensive option for anglers looking to extend their stay or simply want some relaxed fishing.
Single handed fly rods, 7 – 9 feet in length, for line weights 5 – 8 are the best rods for this river.
 Accommodation and location
The lodge is a small cottage (around 40 sq-meters) but is very comfortable and was completely renovated in 2012. The lodge has 2 bedrooms, a small (but fully functional) kitchen and a BBQ.
The river is 305 kilometers from Reykjavik (through the Hvalfjordur tunnel).
GPS coordinates are as follows: 65° 37,782’N, 21° 37,368’W (ISN93: 379.225, 572.711)