Record numbers in River Blanda

The new numbers for Iceland arrived today and River Blanda is at 2997 and you can bet that the three salmon needed for the 3000 arrived in the first hour this morning. This is a new record in the river and we are only in August.  Of other rivers, we have Miðfjarðará in the second place with 2530 and West Ranga in 2400 salmon third. Norðurá is not far away with 2115, but these are the four rivers over the 2000 mark.
Other Lax-á rivers are doing well as Svartá is in 223 and we have the best month ahead. Hopefully, this small river will finish around the 500 mark. Langadalsá in the West fjords got its grilse run two weeks ago and it stands in 133 salmon so far. East Ranga has been a disappointment but stands in 905 but in a normal year it would be closer to the top four. Let´s hope we get some warmer waters soon as the river is very cold.
In general salmon fishing in Iceland is fantastic. We wait September in Stóra Laxá with excitement as we have yet to come the unbelievable autumn runs in the river. At the moment, Stóra Laxá stands in 115 salmon but we hope that the river will be close to its record of 1776.