Our Westfjord sister rivers

We have two small rivers up in west Iceland – Langadalsa and Hvannadalsa.  They  are sister rivers and share the same river mouth but like many sister they are totally each to their own in character.

Langadalsa is the more productive river with an average catch of close to 300 salmon. The river hardly has any rapids just slow flowing beautiful fly pools. The same customers have frequented the river for the past decades and it is not easy to get a slot there. If you were to try it someday you would know why.

Hvannadalsa on the other hand is clearly the stronger sister. Fast and powerful with fierce rapids and few calmer pools in between. Hvanndalsa holds water levels in better shape through dry spells at is flows from creeks originating from high up in the mountains where snow is still melting in the middle of summer.

Both rivers have been on the quiet side this summer with lack of water the main factor. For one and a half month it hardly rained which is almost unheard of in Iceland. The lack of water resulted in the all the salmon retreating to the deeper pools and stay there in numbers. Anglers were lucky to get one or two in the early hours with a tiny little fly and a long leader.

But now things are looking up, it has finally rained a bit and fish are biting. Not massive fishing but if you look up and see the sun set over the snowy peaks across the fjord you are happy even if you get just one.

Tight lines

Johann David – jds@lax-a.is