Norðurá River 2015

We have to offer great opportunity to fish the legendary Norðurá River in Iceland this summer. The river has 170 marked pools to fish and is divided into two beats, one full service and one self-catering. Norðurá, along with Blanda River up North, offers the first Salmon fishing possibilities in Iceland every season, as they both start early June.
The river is divided into two beats, the lower area is known as Norðurá I and offer full service accommodation and holds 8-12 rods. The upper part is called Norðurá II (The Mountain) and is the self-catering beat. It offers three rods but the accommodation is a nice three-bedroom summerhouse with made-up beds.
For inquires and/or more information on Norðurá please contact Jóhann Torfi at or call +354 8936110.