News from Blanda river

Blanda river kickstarted the salmon season almost 2 weeks agon. The first day only one salmon was caught but since then the fishing has been going up every day. They are catching some big salmon and 16th of June there were 64 salmon that had been caught on beat 1 that holds 4 rods. Last Saturday a salmon of 97cm was caught, it was 49cm in circumference and at the river bank it weight 20 pounds.

We heard of another huge salmon from an angler who had a very crooked hook after a long battle, that salmon had taken a hitch tube on the Breidan and was very quick going down the river with the angler following which ended up with a crooked hook. Most of the salmon caught so far have been between 4.5-6.5kg.

We can for sure say that anglers are exited for the summer but ALL rods at Blanda beat 1 are fully sold until 1st August.

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All my best,
Valgerdur Arnadottir