Brynjudalsá - A great river near Reykjavik

Written by Johann   
Thursday, 10 May 2012 16:50

Brynjudalsá is a small salmon river only 45 minutes away from the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. It is a great option for daytrips from the capital or couple of days of fishing. We can offer different kinds of accommodation for anglers in the area, from a summer lodge to a fully serviced hotel. The catch statistics are wonderful for this small river as its produces an average of 240 salmon last 5 years with last year finishing in 303 salmon. 

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Latest Highlights

27 August 2015


This week we bring you three Icelandic records. First of all, river Miðfjarðará has set a new Icelandic record for a naturally stocked river.

25 August 2015


We have just heard that river Blanda is now up to 4230 salmon caught this summer. Not only is this a all-time record for the river, this is also a new Icelandic record for most salmon caught in a naturally stocked river. The previous record is from Þverá/Kjarará from 2005 when 4165 salmon were caught.

21 August 2015

The Stora Laxa river is one of the most beautiful rivers in Iceland, for myself I will never get enough of it, there are new fishing places around every corner more beautiful then the other. The Asgardur is situated nearby which makes it great as a combination but that is a very different river so it is good to experience both. It would be perfect to spend f.ex. 3 days at Stora Laxa and 2 days at Sog Asgardur and Sydri Bru.

20 August 2015


 The good catch continues in Iceland, now it looks like this summer will be well above average catch wise.  The total catch so far is 32.412 salmon which is 30% more than average. 

20 August 2015

The beautiful Tungufljot in county Skaftafell on the South Coast of Iceland , the most famous and the best big fish Seatrout river in Iceland. We are taking bookings now for 2016 , prime time is late season month of September and October is when the adventures happens! Arni


Latest News

19 August 2015

Just heard from Kiddi guide , he just finished 3 days guiding up north at the Svarta river , his 4 rods landed 74 salmon in 3 days , great fishing that! Talked to Binni guide , he is fishing at beat 1 and 2 at Stora Laxá now , the 4 rods are catching more or less 5 salmon a day now , everyone now waiting for the big autumn run arriving, Arni

18 August 2015

Getting better on the DEE , last week at 128 Salmon and 11 from Lower Crathes / West Durris , first day of the week yesterday 21 was landed and 3 from Lower Crathes / West Durris , Arni

17 August 2015

September week came available now on the Langadalsa  , exclusive for 4 rods only and comfortable lodge , dates are 13-19th September , Arni 

17 August 2015

Kiddi guide called me from Svarta river , his 4 rods have landed over 60 salmon after the first 2 days of fishing , Arni

17 August 2015

2 rods open at river Svartá 24 - 27/8 and 2 rods canceled and now open at the river Kjarra 26 - 29/8
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