Brynjudalsá - A great river near Reykjavik

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Thursday, 10 May 2012 16:50

Brynjudalsá is a small salmon river only 45 minutes away from the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. It is a great option for daytrips from the capital or couple of days of fishing. We can offer different kinds of accommodation for anglers in the area, from a summer lodge to a fully serviced hotel. The catch statistics are wonderful for this small river as its produces an average of 240 salmon last 5 years with last year finishing in 303 salmon. 

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27 February 2015

It is now 4 months until the season of 2015 starts and we cant be more exited! As we are preparing our adventures, we look back and learn from our past seasons. If you are thinking of experience Greenland with us, now is the time to place your booking.

We have few spots left.

For further information and booking, please contact Simon Nilsson: or call +354 893 9229

26 February 2015

We have got a great option for those of you that want to experience two great rivers in the same trip. Ágarður in river Sog and Stóra Laxá beat 3 are two of our gems and they are within easy reach of the capital. Ásgarður is only 45 minutes by car and Stóra Laxá another 40 minutes from Ásgarður.

25 February 2015

While fishing or hunting in Greenland, it is very good to take a day of sightseeing and we have many day packages that includes interesting places in South of Greenland.

Have a city walk in the town of Qaqortoq and Narsaq, visit Museums, take a relaxing bath in a hot spring, and see the mighty glacier, Hvalsey church ruins, and the settlement of Igaliko/Gardar. The small settlement of Qassimiut is just 20 minutes from LAX-Á Camp. 

25 February 2015

Hunting Austria Luxury Style , Gut Brunntal Ranch , best ever accommodation. Chamois , Wild Boar , Fallow Deer , Red Stags and Europian Mouflons. This is a real luxury hunting place and you will be looked after so well , Arni Mobile +354 8983601


25 February 2015


West Ranga topped the charts in Iceland for the 2014 season as it has done on numerous occasions before.  Anglers tend to fall in love with the river, not just because the sheer volume of fish they are able to catch but also for its natural beauty and great variety of the pools.


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25 February 2015

Feb 14-19, 2015. By Alejandro Martello
Like the week prior, we started with some rain in the lower stretch of the Rio Grande but there were heavy storms serious storms of rain and snow in the headwaters and in the Andes. How impressive to drive to the river and see the mountains dressed in white in the middle of the summer.


20 February 2015

With the weekend right around the corner, what better way to start this Friday with beautiful trout fishing. Here is a 10 minutes pilot from our Norwegian friends, who fished for Trout in Iceland last season and one of the waters are Tungulfljót. Beautiful scenery and many good-sized trout, that’s how we like it in Iceland.

18 February 2015

Google Maps have done a good job maping some of the areas in Greenland.. Take a walk around Narsarsuaq Airport with Street View:


Enjoy a walk in the town of Qaqortoq:


16 February 2015

Came across this nice video from Roald Meyer from two years ago. Here you can see two beautiful springers from Lower Crathes beat on River Dee, one 28 lbs and another picture in the end of a 24 lbs. Lower Crathes is known for a few of these good lookers every year. Lets hope that spring 2015 will bring us the good fortune of catching a few of these this coming spring. 

13 February 2015

Dear friends, hunters and fishermen. The weekend is upon us and what better way to start it with a short movie from Greenland

See the Greenland Movie:


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