Brynjudalsá - A great river near Reykjavik

Written by Johann   
Thursday, 10 May 2012 16:50

Brynjudalsá is a small salmon river only 45 minutes away from the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. It is a great option for daytrips from the capital or couple of days of fishing. We can offer different kinds of accommodation for anglers in the area, from a summer lodge to a fully serviced hotel. The catch statistics are wonderful for this small river as its produces an average of 240 salmon last 5 years with last year finishing in 303 salmon. 

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Latest Highlights

17 September 2014

What’s Greenland like? I’ve been asked that questions many times and I still haven’t got a good answer for it. Greenland is so much bigger, more beautiful and spectacular than words can describe. You have to be here and experience it. I’ve had so many amazing moments in Greenland and there’s nothing like it.

17 September 2014

Did you have a good time on our rivers this season? It was a tough season in Iceland for many rivers here although some were doing much better then others such as Blanda and East Ranga river. I have heard many great stories from anglers fishing this season but would love to have some more and photos so please email me your story and photos to: and we can post it on our page. A angler never gets enough of fisihing stories!

16 September 2014


In Stóra Laxá beat four the scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

12 September 2014

 Terry Nab fished Stóra Laxá beats 1-2 for just one day and hit the jackpot. He sent us his report along with some beautiful pictures.

11 September 2014

This combination is ideal for parties, families and friends. We fish total of 5 rods; 4 rods in Svarta and 3 rods on beat 4 in Blanda. This way 7 rods can rotate freely from Svarta to Blanda and experience high quality salmon fishing on two different rivers. The self catering lodge in Svarta can accommodate all anglers from both beats as it has space for up to 10 people.


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17 September 2014

Only 45 minuted drive from the Capital Reykjavik is the Sog river. We can offer you trout fishing on our Asgardur beat all April , May and until the middle of June. The beat is exclusive to 3 rods only. The lodge is very comfortable and spacious, it has a nice jacuzzi on the veranda overlooking the river, sauna, nice living and dining  room and 3 twin bedrooms. This lodge is one of the nicest fishing lodges of Iceland. Very affortable weeks fishing in Iceland and a great holiday! 

12 September 2014

This last summer we had great difficulties to get our anglers and hunters to Greenland because the flights got booked up so fast. Booking is taking off very early now for 2015 ,  please if you are planning Greenland for 2015 contact us as soon as possible so we can reserve Iceland - Greenland - Iceland flights for you in time , Arni  Mobile +354 8983601

10 September 2014

The Stora Laxa river is one of the most beautiful rivers in Iceland, for myself I will never get enough of it, there are new fishing places around every corner more beautiful then the other. The Asgardur is situated nearby which makes it great as a combination but that is a very different river so it is good to experience both. It would be perfect to spend f.ex. 3 days at Stora Laxa and 2 days at Sog Asgardur and Sydri Bru.

07 September 2014

There where 34 Salmon landedon the East Ranga yesterday , the river is now at 2.227 Salmon , Arni

03 September 2014

East Rangá is now at 2.124 Salmon , not the best season on the East Ranga , but most definately the best season of big fish  , Arni  Mobile +354 8983601


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