Brynjudalsá - A great river near Reykjavik

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Thursday, 10 May 2012 16:50

Brynjudalsá is a small salmon river only 45 minutes away from the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. It is a great option for daytrips from the capital or couple of days of fishing. We can offer different kinds of accommodation for anglers in the area, from a summer lodge to a fully serviced hotel. The catch statistics are wonderful for this small river as its produces an average of 240 salmon last 5 years with last year finishing in 303 salmon. 

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Latest Highlights

27 April 2016


Our trout beat in Tungufljot is getting more and more popular as news spreads about the good fishing and diversity of the beat.

The trout beat is extremely large and consists of a river system with a large main river and smaller tributaries.  In the rivers all techniques are useful, large streamers in the main river but smaller more delicate measures in the smaller rivers.

27 April 2016

Lax-á is looking for adventure-minded people to work in our hunting and fishing camp in South of Greenland. The following positions are available. 

Lax-á Camp Manager: 
The manager will organise daily procedures in the camp. He will be a lead guide for reindeer and fishing trips with our valuable clients. Work begins at the end of June and finishes in late September.
Experience in big-game hunting 
Outdoors knowledge
Guiding experience
Experienced in fishing and sea angling
Certificate to operate a 6.meter boat
Be organised and exhibit leadership skills
Help out with camp work when needed
Organise other guides
English language skills
Staff at Lax-á Camp
Our valuable staff will operate the camp, serve breakfast and organise lunch packages in camp. Cooking experience is needed as the person, along with other staff, will prepare dinner in the evenings. Other duties are to keep the camp clean and help out the guides. Fishing or hunting experience is not a requirement but will be valuable. 
Organisational skills 
Outdoor experience
An open mind to a new experience
Experience of waiting and serving to clients
Willing to clean 
Speak English
Both jobs offer a unique adventure in Greenlands vast nature. Staff will be able to visit local communities and experience everything that South Greenland has to offer. We hope to get people of all nationalities to apply. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact please contact Jóhann Torfi at 
25 April 2016

 In East Ranga a special program has been going on for the past years to get more two year salmon in the river. Fish are caught for the hatchery not after the season like in most rivers, but from the very beginning to catch as many early running big females as possible.  And this has proven to be a success and large salmon are coming back in numbers in the first days of the season.

23 April 2016

Good evening Arni/Johann,10 fish so far this week, slowing up at moment with the cold weather and dropping river, we have some fish in most pools with some sealiced fish still coming, really hope for next week. My news is that I am going to do a charity bike ride this coming June, just a short one, Lands’ End to John O’Groats, near enough 1000 miles, averaging 80 to 100 miles a day, I’m raising funds for the Archie Foundation, helping sick children at the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital and CALICO (Cancer and Leukaemia in Children

22 April 2016

Earlier in this week Lake Þingvallavatn was opened for the season.  The lake, which is one of the largest ones in Iceland, has many species of fresh water trout but the most notorious resident is the famous ice age trout.


Latest News

18 April 2016

DEE river report by Ross Macdonald. After claiming foolishly , in last week's prospects, that the weather forecast appeared to be benign it was anything but, culminating in snow towards the end of the week. The east wind brought its usual chill to proceedings and so my weekly foray into meteorology stalled yet again. Spring is in the air this morning and with an improved catch of 75 fish last week- we had one to add to the FishDee total. I can confidently predict things may or may not be much better this week. Although I can't be sure. What I am sure of is we had more rods out on the river, we would have had an even better return.

15 April 2016

Ptarmigan shooting ,  weekend available in Iceland , arrive in Iceland on Thursday the 27th October ,  shoot Friday 28th  , Saturday 29th  and Sunday the 30th  October  ,  Sunday evening going to Reykjavik Hotel and stay over night , depart on Monday the 31st October. Contact Arni at 

11 April 2016

There was 51 salmon landed from the DEE river last week 4th to 9th April ,   a 23 pound beauty was the biggest of the week from beat Birse.   Arni 

04 April 2016

This last week 28th March to 2nd April there where 56 Salmon landed on the river DEE , biggest from Ballogie 23 pounder, Lower Crathes / West Durris had a nice week with 16 Salmon landed to 4 rods , Arni

30 March 2016

Week 21 to 26th March    Last week's catch of 45 was a small dip from the previous week, but there was a better spread among the beats. A few more rods on the water would have helped the tally. Middle Drum picked up a fish, and former Dee Board Chairman, Ian Scott had a nice fresh springer from the Bridge Run at Park. Lower Crathes finished on seven for the week, including four for Alan Brown and, two for Mr Corrigan and a 15lbr for Kelvin Thomas.


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