Brynjudalsá - A great river near Reykjavik

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Thursday, 10 May 2012 16:50

Brynjudalsá is a small salmon river only 45 minutes away from the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. It is a great option for daytrips from the capital or couple of days of fishing. We can offer different kinds of accommodation for anglers in the area, from a summer lodge to a fully serviced hotel. The catch statistics are wonderful for this small river as its produces an average of 240 salmon last 5 years with last year finishing in 303 salmon. 

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Latest Highlights

02 September 2014

Andre Zwyssig went to the West and East Ranga this summer fishing and had a great time during the stay. Here are some fantastic photos from the trip, as always photos say more then a 1000 words ! 

02 September 2014

Dear friends,

The salmon fishing season is coming to an end, only a few weeks left to catch the big one. After a fantastic season in 2013, we had what we would simply describe as a slow season in 2014 in most rivers, but even a slow summer in Iceland can provide some excellent fishing.

Our very own River Blanda was on fire the whole season and is now fast approaching 2000 caught salmon. The rest of the north and the north east have been reasonable but the west and the south west have been slow.

The pattern looks similar to the years 2012 and 13. In 2012 the fishing was way below average but then in 2013 all rivers were full of fish. It will be really exiting to see what the summer of 2015 will bring, we like all fishermen are always optimistic and predict that all rivers will be full of fish.

We have started booking for 2015 and would gladly welcome you back to fish in Iceland. Let us assist you organize a trip of a lifetime, but hurry up, many rivers are already selling fast.

All the best from Iceland, 

Arni and team Lax-Á
Arni at   Mobile +354 8983601
Johann at  Iceland, Greenland, Scotland
Johann David at
Valgerdur at

02 September 2014

I heard from Pierre Affer at  Stora Laxá just now , yesterday they landed 16 Salmon , they are at over 90 salmon for the week to 4 rods and most of them good fish , river rised last night a tiny 2 cm ... good sign anyway, Arni

29 August 2014

Please find below the link to see a video of our new Camp in Greenland ,  I hope you find it super good! For adventures in Greenland for 2015 please contact Arni at  or call my on my mobile at +354 8983601  Link to the VIDEO

29 August 2014

I will be hosting a trip to Rio Grande in the 2015 season. The Rio Grande which is the best seatrout river in the world is located in Argentina. The trip is at the Villa Maria lodge from 20-27th March 2015. This is a fantstic week at the Rio Grande holding 6 rods where the average catch per rod has been 12-18 salmon per rod per week the last 4 years and biggest fish of the week from 22-27lbs ! Average weight of the fish is from 8-13 pounds. 

I am very exited about the week in Argentina and would love to see you there and fish ! For more information please contact:


Latest News

02 September 2014

Duck shooting started here in Iceland yesterday the 1st of September and will be open until 15th of March. Arni

28 August 2014

Prime time coming up for the Geese shooting , and there is lots and lots of geese this year , I think more than last year when we had a good season. September and October to be the prime time for the Geese shooting , Arni

17 August 2014

Hunting in Afrika , prime time coming up  , September  , October and November to be the best months. We offer you big game hunting in Namibia ,  South Africa ,  Mozambique , Tamzania and Zimbabwe ,  we have great connection network in this countries after been working with our partners for many years ,  contact Arni at or call me at +354 8983601

17 August 2014

For hunting in Romania  , the month of October , November and December is the prime time. We offer mainly the driven Wild Boar hunt , butr we organize as well  for Red Stag ,  Fallow Deer  ,  Roe Deer  ,  Chamois , and Brown Bear ,  Romania offer very high qualitie of trophies  , Contact Arni at  or call me at +354 8983601

17 August 2014

Now great times coming up in Spain for hunting  ,  October through January all great time for hunting in Spain. We offer you partridge shooting ,  Wild Boar ,  Red Stag , Dallow Deer  ,  Mouflon ,  4 species of Ibex and a Barbary sheep ,  + the best food and wine in the world :-)  , Contact Arni at  or call me at +354 8983601


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