Most beautiful river in Iceland – Stora Laxa

The fishing in Stora Laxa has been good so far. Beat I and II have been fishing the best as previous summers but there have been caught 73 salmon there. Last weekends anglers caught 17 salmon there despite hard conditions in the wind. 70 salmon have been caught on beat III and 70 salmon on beat IV.

Together 160 salmon have been caught on the river so far and yet all the prime time has yet to come on the river. Stora Laxa is known for very good fall fishing with its prime time being in end of August and September. These last years the weeks to come now have given about 350-550 salmon caught in August and September. The lower part of the river has been giving most of the salmon but the upper part has also had good runs. We still have a few open rods in this prime time for those interested in quite an adventure in, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful rivers in Iceland.

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