More information on the great East Ranga

East Ranga is arguably one of the best salmon river in Iceland, over the past 10 years this river has averaged over 4600 salmon each summer on her 18 rods. The most productive part of the summer is from late July until late August – that’s when the salmon runs peak. During this period we see weekly catch figures between 400 salmon (slow years) and 1000 salmon (good years), that comes to about three to eight salmon per rod daily. Of course averages can be deceiving – good anglers will out fish the less experienced ones. But this gives a fairly good idea of what the fishing is like in East Ranga.

Fishing in the coming summer.

Even though this past summer fell below par, we are not worried for the future. Freshwater fishing has been very well documented in Iceland since the early seventies; catches from every salmon river have been posted since that time. We have seen that salmon fishing takes a dip every now and then (sometimes even big dips) but bounces back quickly. After all, the salmon is an amazingly resilient creature and never seizes to amaze us.
We have already started receiving bookings for 2014, if you are interested in securing some days in this fantastic river contact

General Information on fishing in East Ranga

East Ranga has finished as one of the top two rivers in Iceland with regards to catches for almost a decade now. The river is ideally suited for fishing with double handed (spey) rods, 12 – 15 feet long. The best flies are generally the Icelandic fly Snaelda, the Red Frances, Sunray Shadow and Bizmo (a very local fly). The lodge is very comfortable, with a double bedroom (with an en-suite bathroom) for every rod and top-class chefs. Our East Ranga guides are very experienced and will help you not only to catch more salmon – but also to improve as an angler.