Monster trout alert

We have just had a late cancellation on on rod for the monster trout in Þingvallavatn this spring.

The dates we have are May 21-24th and 30th – June 1st.

This is absolute prime time for the monster trout in the lake, grab your rod and go.

The trout in Lake Þingvallavatn is totally unique in the world, big and powerful fish that mostly feed on the smaller arctic char in the lake. The Þingvalla – trout is the true predator of the lake and can gain enormous sizes.

The largest one caught in recent times was a meter long beast with a girth of 65 cm; estimated size of the fish is well over 30 pounds. Each summer several fish are caught over 20 pounds and fish over 10 pounds are pretty common. There are tales from the past of fish caught that over the 40 pound mark. Perhaps a world brown trout fish is waiting in the depts. of the lake?

Tight lines

Johann David –