Lower Crathes with 16 salmon last week

The fishing at Lower Crathes beat is going very well this season and now the second week in a row the beat had the best fishing on River Dee. According to River Dee weekly newsletter the conditions look ideal for anglers fishing the River Dee this week with a very favourable weather forecast allied to high spring tides which should bring new fish forward.
The BBC weather forecast is showing air temperature maxima around 11 degrees Celsius with no overnight frosts predicted. It may be a bit breezy on Wednesday with some rainfall which may see the river levels rise with rain and snowmelt from the mountains. The maritime influence sees tides rising this week from 4.0 metres to 4.4 metres and then dropping back to 4.1 metres at the weekend. As long as we don’t get a big rise in river levels then sport should be reasonable for anglers during the week.