Little Leirvogsá

If you fancy a river on the small side but still brimming with salmon you should consider Leirvogsá. The river is very well known amongst Icelanders but has gone a little under the radar abroad.

Not many know that if you calculate salmon per rod the river is one of the best in Iceland. In the past worming was allowed as well as fly but since Lax-A acquired the lease of the river worming has been banned.

The river has many beautiful pools perfect for light gear fly fishing. We are optimistic that the catch will be exceptionally good in the river this summer as all predictions are for a good run of grilse.

The river is perfect on its own for a few days fishing or as an extra day out combined with other rivers.

Leirvogsá is only half an hour away from downtown Reykjavik but still very much so a genuine Icelandic outdoor experience with beautiful calm countryside and the odd sheep.

Tight Lines

Johann David –