Leirvogsá – one of the best

As you may have heard we have secured the lease of a new river in 2017- Leirvogsá. Not many outside of Iceland know the river because so far it has mostly been fished by locals.

Leirvogsá is simply one of the best rivers in Iceland. It has for years been fighting the famous Ásum River for the title of the best two rod river. In a good year the weeks catch in river Leirvogsá during prime time is about and over 100 salmon for the two rods. That is over 7 salmon per rod per day!

Leirvogsá is also very easy to access the river is only 20 minutes from downtown Reykjavik. You can have the best of both worlds, stay at a nice down town hotel, fish during the day and dine at a nice restaurant at your choice in the evening.

We still have a few prime time rods left in Leirvogsá

Tight Lines

Johann David – jds@lax-a.is