Lax-a 30 years anniversary …..

Professor Bernd Koberling has been with us from the beginning for 30 years now; Bernd has been fishing in Iceland much longer than that or for more than 40 years.

There are not many rivers in Iceland that Bernd has not fished, most years he spent more or less the whole summer in Iceland – rushing from one river to another. Bernd is top fly fisherman and for sure one of the very best on this planet.

In 1988 Bernd introduced here in Iceland the long tail flies, such as Green Brahan , Munroe Killer , Silver Wilkinson and more. Ever since, those flies have been the most dangerous weapons on any Icelandic salmon river.

Bernd also taught us to fish the dead sluggish waters / pools and strip the line with a small long wing fly on the end, and what a great success!!!

Bernd is still coming to Iceland every year and is fishing all over the place! Well done Professor Koberling and great compliments and thank you for all that you have taught us over decades.