Kola 2017

We have now opened bookings for the Kola River in Russia 2017.

The Kola is a special favorite of mine and I can truly recommend going there especially if you are after a trophy salmon. The river is massive and such an enjoyment to fish, you will never haul massive amounts per day but when you hook in to one you are pretty sure it is going to be BIG. Fish over 30 pounds are caught each summer and even a few over 40!

Kola is easily reachable from the airport in Murmansk via car, no Helicopter necessary. We have a camp just by the Kitza River a bit upstream from junction.  We can offer trips to Kola at a very competitive price.

Here is more info about the river: Kola

Come along for 2017 and get your trophy!

Johann David- jds@lax-a.is