Is this where we find the biggest Brown Trout in the world ?

Written by Arni Baldursson   
Thursday, 01 November 2012 21:50

Lake Thingvallavatn in the National Park of Iceland have Brown Trout of size that it is hard to believe ... every year there are numbers of Brown Trout of sizes as big as 10 - 28 pounds landed , they call them the Ice Age Brownies .. and they are caught from bank and on fly !  These Brownies must be some of the biggest in the world , best time to come is when the ice is just off the lake and the Brownies are hungry and hunting , timing is April , may and early june ... it is very exciting and unforgetable memories seeing huge groups of Brownies of this size passing by when you are fishing ,  splashes like fresh salmon , you hook ten of them and if you are lucky you will land one!  Arni arnibald@lax-a,is


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29 August 2014


Dear Friends,

Some of you might be concerned about the news that there was a small fissure eruption late last night (8/29). According to the authorities there is no immediate danger and it is safe to fly to and from Iceland. 

28 August 2014

Rio Grande is the best seatrout river in the world ,  here below is the lates openings of the two great lodges Villa Maria and Kau Taupen.

Kau Taupen
Jan 3-10
Jan 10-17
Jan 17-24
Jan 24-31
March 7-14
March 14-21
March 21-28

Villa Maria
Dec 27 Jan 3
March 20-27
March 27 April 3

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28 August 2014

Prime time coming up now for the wing shooting and hunting in England and Scotland ,  we can arrange all shooting and hunting activitie for you.  Driven Partridge , Pheasant and Grouse, hunting for Red Stag  , Fallow Deer , Muntjac and Chinese Water deer.  Contact Arni at  for all further information or call me at +354 8983601

28 August 2014

 This is how the top ten list looks like in week 35. East ranga on top but Blanda still second.

27 August 2014

I just heard from Mr. David Wadsworth who was fishing the East Ranga with us this summer. He had a great time on the river and caught on his trip this beautiful 17 pound salmon on beat 2 at East Ranga river. On the photo David is on the right with guide Nori on the left. The East Ranga river is on the top of the list of most salmon caught in Iceland this year.


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28 August 2014

Prime time coming up for the Geese shooting , and there is lots and lots of geese this year , I think more than last year when we had a good season. September and October to be the prime time for the Geese shooting , Arni

17 August 2014

Hunting in Afrika , prime time coming up  , September  , October and November to be the best months. We offer you big game hunting in Namibia ,  South Africa ,  Mozambique , Tamzania and Zimbabwe ,  we have great connection network in this countries after been working with our partners for many years ,  contact Arni at or call me at +354 8983601

17 August 2014

For hunting in Romania  , the month of October , November and December is the prime time. We offer mainly the driven Wild Boar hunt , butr we organize as well  for Red Stag ,  Fallow Deer  ,  Roe Deer  ,  Chamois , and Brown Bear ,  Romania offer very high qualitie of trophies  , Contact Arni at  or call me at +354 8983601

17 August 2014

Now great times coming up in Spain for hunting  ,  October through January all great time for hunting in Spain. We offer you partridge shooting ,  Wild Boar ,  Red Stag , Dallow Deer  ,  Mouflon ,  4 species of Ibex and a Barbary sheep ,  + the best food and wine in the world :-)  , Contact Arni at  or call me at +354 8983601

17 August 2014

We have ready for you the Greenland PDF brochures to be send to you by e mail  , we have brochures on Trout ( Arctic Charr )  fishing in Greenland ,  Hunting in Greenland ,  sight seeing and hiking  in Greenland and the brochure on the new Lax-á Camp,  contact Arni for all further information , or call me at +354 8983601


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