Is this where we find the biggest Brown Trout in the world ?

Written by Arni Baldursson   
Thursday, 01 November 2012 21:50

Lake Thingvallavatn in the National Park of Iceland have Brown Trout of size that it is hard to believe ... every year there are numbers of Brown Trout of sizes as big as 10 - 28 pounds landed , they call them the Ice Age Brownies .. and they are caught from bank and on fly !  These Brownies must be some of the biggest in the world , best time to come is when the ice is just off the lake and the Brownies are hungry and hunting , timing is April , may and early june ... it is very exciting and unforgetable memories seeing huge groups of Brownies of this size passing by when you are fishing ,  splashes like fresh salmon , you hook ten of them and if you are lucky you will land one!  Arni arnibald@lax-a,is


Latest Highlights

27 June 2015

We just had a cancellation for one rod at the Blanda beat 1 from 9-12th July. This river started out great this summer and is one of the most known rivers in Iceland, specially for its big and powerful salmon. What is probably though the most impressive about the beat 1 on the Blanda is how many salmon are landed there each season, as Blanda it self ends up on the top spots of most salmon caught in Iceland each year it is quite amazing to think that the 4 rods on beat 1 catch about 85% of salmon caught on the whole Blanda and that is almost only during a 2 month period!  

27 June 2015

You know the old saying...the early bird gets the worm. The same holds true with fishing, the early angler gets the brightest, fresh-from-the-ocean sea-run trout.

Each year, hundreds upon hundreds of sea-run brown trout migrate up the Rio Grande. Those fish come on high tides over the holidays and since these are early run fish headed for the upper reaches of the river, they are some of the are biggest, fastest, strongest trout of the run. 

26 June 2015

We have a few rivers that have opened this week. As you may have seen on the web page West Ranga opened with 25 fish just on the first six hours this morning. A great start.

Hallá began its season with one salmon, but there were signs of new fish. Langadalsá and Hvannadalsá opened the same day this week. Unfortunately, our sister rivers in the west fjords have no news to deliver. The water level is extremely high in both rivers and clearly the spring melt is coming late because of the cold spring. However, it is not unusual for these rivers to start quietly.

26 June 2015

The latest salmon river to open this season is West Rangá which opened today the 26th of June. The morning shift produced the great number of 25 salmon which is a fantastic start to the season. More to come soon. 

25 June 2015

Photos after photos of salmon caught in Russia have been uploaded from our friends on Facebook recently. It has been a great start of the coming summer and fantastic to see our anglers enjoying themselves in Russia. Here are a few photos from Johann David from our office having a great time in Kola river. 


Latest News

11 June 2015

River Norðurá has a few openings this summer and is a great option for any angler looking for perfect fly water and full-service rivers. All available dates offer the opportunity to fish the river at its best. We can offer the following dates: 

30th of June to 3rd of July - 2.rods & 24th to 27th of July - 4.rods 

Please contact Jóhann Torfi at or +354 893-6110 for further details.

10 June 2015
Blanda River went over twenty salmon this morning. It now stands at 21 salmon on four rods, but the river opened 5th of June. Lax-á team Jóhann Davíð and Simon Nilsson are fishing the river and found a few fish. There is clearly new fish coming in as they lost three fish and caught one the last few hours of the shift. 
09 June 2015

Last week fishing reports from DEE Scotland , 8th June update. There were 42 fish and 81 seatrout reported to the FishDee website for the week ending 6 June. We had a rise in water levels on Tuesday, which augured well yet failed to deliver. Thursday was the best day with 14. The wind was a pain in the proverbial all week and made life difficult for the rods. While it was another poor return for us it was encouraging that More...

08 June 2015

A great opening week on the NFC beats on Gaula. The first week of the 2015 NFC fishing season on the Gaula has just come to an end. We are really glad that we can say that it was a great start to the new season and we are looking very much forward to the coming weeks!   We were able to land 9 beautiful silver fish in the first week. Jean-Luc had two great springers, as well as Olivier Plasseraud and Marc Henjum More...

04 June 2015

The openings is at least better this year than last year on the Gaula and Orkla  ,  NFC club have landed 3 good salmon the first two days of the season ,  I heard from Vargholen at Orkla  , 1 salmon was landed the opening day and 11 salmon was already landed at Gaulfossen pool on Gaula the first one and half day , Picture is of Simon  the long time guide at Gaulfossen with huge salmon he took from Orkla some five years back.  Arni


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