Is this where we find the biggest Brown Trout in the world ?

Written by Arni Baldursson   
Thursday, 01 November 2012 21:50

Lake Thingvallavatn in the National Park of Iceland have Brown Trout of size that it is hard to believe ... every year there are numbers of Brown Trout of sizes as big as 10 - 28 pounds landed , they call them the Ice Age Brownies .. and they are caught from bank and on fly !  These Brownies must be some of the biggest in the world , best time to come is when the ice is just off the lake and the Brownies are hungry and hunting , timing is April , may and early june ... it is very exciting and unforgetable memories seeing huge groups of Brownies of this size passing by when you are fishing ,  splashes like fresh salmon , you hook ten of them and if you are lucky you will land one!  Arni arnibald@lax-a,is


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24 November 2014

We have 2 rods available at two of the prettiest and most challanging rivers of Iceland available , rivers are The Big Laxá in the north Nes beat and the Stóra Laxá river South , 2 rods for 6 days , 3 days on each river and the dates are:
15-21/7 , and 5 - 11th August. This is a great opportunity to fish two amazing rivers on the south and the north coast of Iceland, You fly 50 minutes from Reykjavik Airport to north Akureyri Airport , from there and hour to the Big Laxa Nes beat , best guides for you on both rivers. Contact Arni at or call Mobile +354 8983601

23 November 2014

All fishing lodges at Stora Laxá have now received their Face lift and look so much better than ever before. We welcome anglers to this beautiful river for the coming 2015 season , beat 4 , beat 3 and beat 1 and 2 all waiting for you and now with better lodges than before. There are still few places available on this all time favorite river of mine , Stora Laxá is the most exciting , beautiful and challenging river that I have ever fished in my life , Arni Mobile +354 8983601, picture is from the cozy little lodge at beat three  , exclusive to 2 rods only.

21 November 2014

When you step out of the aircraft and take your first breath of the Greenlandic air, you know that you are in the right place. The mountains around you create amazing scenery along with the enormous glacier on the horizon. South Greenland is truly the place to be. 

20 November 2014

Now is the prime time for the huge wild boar in Romania , no doubts Romania have the biggest wild boar in the world as big as up to 350 kg +.   November and Desember to be the best time for the wild boar hunt , but Romania offer a lot more such as Chamois and Brown bear hunt in the Carpatian mountains ,  Red stag , Fallow deer and Roe bucks. Contact Arni for information on this wonderful destination , at or Mobile +354 8983601.

20 November 2014

Several species of Marlin , Sailfish and Dorado , we have been for years to Guatemala and Venezuela for bill fishing and had amazing times. Great crew and professional boats secure good fishing for you. Last time we went to Guatemala in April we hooked to 1 boat 120 Sailfish and landed 58 , and many on fly , our biggest Marlin on that trip was 650 lbs. Contact Arni at , Mobile +354 8983601


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19 November 2014

Thinking of Tarpon , Bonefish and Permit ? We reccomend prime time in Cuba Jardines De La Reina is the best place , and the prime time is the month of April , May and June ,  no doubts it is the best place in the world for Tarpon , and the Bonefish  and  Permit fishing is excellant as well. Top destination , prime time and great boats will secure fantastic holidays for you , and there are some spots left prime time. Contact Arni at or call me at mobile +354 8983601

19 November 2014

We start to hunt our Roe bucks in Scotland in May and we hunt through June and July , we have a quota of 35 Trophies in three different estates up in Scotland , contact Arni at for further information on this hunt.

19 November 2014

Langadalsá is a wonderful, 4 rod, fly only river located in the amazing Westfjords.

Langadalsá is an ideal choice for a small group of friends wishing to have sole use of a river and the self-catering lodge for a week. It is a perfect haven of peace and quiet which makes it one of our most sought after rivers. The average size of fish is quite impressive; around 9 lbs, but fish up to 20 lbs are  seen each season. Note that all salmon over 70 cm must be realeased.More...
18 November 2014

Now the Ptarmigan season is over in Iceland since last Sunday,  we are still shooting Geese and we are having amazing days and there are so many Geese with us still.  Every day we have a great sport and I guess it will less at least through this month.  We are now taking bookings for 2015  , so if you have plans to visit us here in Iceland next autumn please contact Arni at or call me at Mobile +354 8983601

17 November 2014

East Ranga openings , we have 4 rods available 8 - 14th July and another 4 rods 28/8 - 03/9 , last summer East Ranga became the big fish river of Iceland. Contact Arni at Mobile +354 8983601


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