Hakon Nilsen Greenland Report….

Greenland report from Hakon Nilsen NORWAY
As the world’s largest island, Greenland is an exciting destination for both hunters and anglers. We visited Icelander Arni Baldursson as his first hunting and fishing tourists from Norway. And as many of our weekly readers know, Arni owns the company Lax-A, an Angling club which we have have written about in an earlier release of Kronstadposten.
We travelled through Copenhagen and stayed in the town Narsarsuaq which was located at the south-western part of the island. From Narsarsuaq, it was a boat ride for about 4 hours before we arrived at the lodge. It was built in 2012 and consists of 12 cottages with a total of 24 beds. Additionally, chefs had their own very nice kitchen where they would make breakfast, lunch and dinner. And of course there was also a sauna which had large outdoor areas with terraces.
Professional guides.
We spent just over a week on our trip. From day one you could already hunt or fish. My traveling companions from Alta was already on an adventure, fly fishing for char fish just a few hundred meters from the lodge. During our stay in Greenland we were taken care of by professional guides where security was constantly top priority, especially during hunting sessions. The hunting area was 500 square kilometres large and some days we would drive around 50 kilometres by boat. On these long rides away from the lodge, we always brought lunch with us to enjoy outside in a beautiful and fantastic nature.
Team Norway.
My traveling companions had never shot animals as large as these and it was an experience they will remember for life. “Team Norway» Shot a total of five reindeer. No hunting situations were similar and there was constantly new experiences to be had. The very first day hunt we went hunting with two italians. They were avid hunters, and did not hesitate on spending ammunition as much as”Team Norway” did. While we used one shot on each reindeer, the italians put an extra bullet or two into the reindeer before they stopped firing.
Trophy possibilities.
When the hunt was over for the day, the shot reindeer was transported to a slaughterhouse for then to be further transported out in the marked. If you wanted a trophy from one of your hunts, all you had to do was fill a form.
And then there was the musk ox.
This trip is without a doubt highly recommended. One can choose how many days you want to stay at the lodge. One can fish or hunt – or like us, a bit of both. Also, musk ox hunting is offered in Greenland. But since we are so used to shooting smaller animals in Norway, putting shots into a huge animal such as the musk ox would be no challenge for us, so we abstained from attempting to «hunt» musk ox.