Go Small

Late summer successful salmon fishing requires a totally different technique than early summer.  When salmon have just entered the river they are much more aggressive than fish that have stayed in the river for weeks or months. Fresh fish are in my opinion not as picky of the fly you present, the silvery fresh ones even swim a distance just to hammer your fly. Rarely does that occur with resident fish.

When you get conditions like we have had in Iceland this summer with hardly any rain and low water levels  the fishing becomes even more challenging and tricky.

In conditions like this the resident fish gather in numbers in the deepest pools and become spooked by the slightest movement.  The best way to have a chance of a hook up in conditions like this is using tiny little bugs and a long leader. If you drop an inch German Snælda in there the pool is ruined for the day.

This fishing is not easy but to catch one fish in conditions like this is true testament to your fishing skills.

Tigh Lines

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