Galtalaekur – big brownies

Galtalaekur is a tributary to West Ranga, a short river with 20 pools, it only holds 2 rods but has plenty of big brown trout. The size of the trout ranges from 1 to 15 pounds and you can at least bank on seeing such monsters – even though catching them can be more difficult. It’s a small, sensitive and gin clear stream, but don’t be fooled by the diminutive size; this little gem produces some of the very biggest trout in Iceland! The fast flowing pocket water and series of small waterfalls and rapids are ideally suited for upstream nymphing. The brownies at Galti are notoriously big and hooking one will give you the fight of a lifetime.

The lodge by Galti is only a few kilometers away from Galti, it has 2 twin bedrooms and is very comfortable, a sauna and a barbeque on the veranda. A good place to rest after a busy day fishing.
Galti fishes well throughout the season (April to September), but April, May and June are generally a little more productive than the rest of the season.

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