From Bryan Sohl

Arni,  Hakan Stenlund and I had such a great time on Stora Laxa.  It was my first visit to Iceland.  I am a died-in-the-wool steelheader, and do have 11 Kola weeks on my resume, but Stora Laxa is truly a super special place and has jumped to near the top of the list of my favorite rivers. The best way to describe the river in terms of beauty and appearance is that it is a cross between the Deschutes in my native Oregon and the East Litza in Northern Kola.  The water just begs to have a fly swung across the boulder fields.  There is seemingly an unlimited amount of great water.  We had great fishing, landing 32 or so fish to 2 rods in a little over five days of fishing.  12 or the fish were over 80 cm, and 3 over 90 cm with Hakan landing a 97 cm beautiful cock fish.  Most of the large fish were fresh. t was good to see you again.  Thanks for the great leg of lamb and wonderful red wine.  We will see you same time next year.    Bryan Sohl Ashland, Oregon USA