Fishing in Greenland

Greenland is a magical destination and one of those places that you have to see once in your life which is why there is no surprise it was named the Best in Travel 2016 by Lonely Planet. What fascinated me instantly on my first visit was how raw and powerful the nature was. That is something that you don’t see often in today´s age where there are roads and people almost everywhere. Well, they are not in Greenland, not yet anyway. I felt like a part of wilderness and while growing up fishing, that is extremely fascinating to experience and to search for fish in waters that have no trace of another person having been are thousands of rivers and lakes, full of Arctic Char.

There are thousands of rivers and lakes, full of Arctic Char. I used very light tackle which was a lot of fun. The local guides are excellent and know the area extremely well. The boat ride you take every day also gives you a view of Greenland, icebergs, glaciers and the green landscape in the summertime, a breathtaking combination.

We have started booking trips for fishing in Greenland next year, I would recommend July and August for the fishing. For more information, please contact:

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