Finally it rains

As you might have heard fishing has been a bit slow in many rivers in Iceland the last weeks.  Not entirely because of lack of salmon because there is indeed salmon in healthy numbers in most rivers.

The trouble so far has been lack of water. We have had hardly any rain in the past month or more which is quite unusual for Iceland. Most rivers are affected by this but larger rivers like Blanda and the Rangas remain unaffected and have fished steadily throughout the summer.

When the rivers drop down in water the salmon gather in the deepest pools in numbers and do not move after the fly. Well not much at least, some have been taken on a very long leader and micro flies, but just one and one.

But now it rains, and anglers are happy (we anglers are strange in that sense, we love the rain) the rivers are up in water level and the fish are moving between pools. And finally there is more action than the odd salmon.

Tight lines

Johann David –