Few things to love about Stora Laxa

The Stora Laxa river in Iceland is one of those rivers that has instantly a great impact on you as an angler I think. My favorite part of the river, which is divided into 4 beats, is beat number 4. That is the upper most part of the river and is located in the beautiful canyons up in the highlands. There is really no place like it and hard to describe fully, not even photos do it justice. When you think of Iceland as this remote and peaceful place to fish, beat 4 of Stora Laxa would be the queen of that thought. The place is so peaceful and remote that there is not a person in sight for miles and some miles more. You feel how your batteries recharge as you reconnect with the nature there. I cannot count the times I´ve just sat there before starting to fish and watched the nature and taken a few breaths of fresh air. The stretch of river is long giving you plenty of places to fish and strategize how is best to get to the salmon before they see you, a true challenge that keeps your mind occupied as well as being physically challenging hiking the canyons.

Here I have my best memories. The place where my daughter caught her first salmon, where I have my favorite secret spots, where I can relax and forget about time and place, and the place that I cannot get enough of. The place that haunts my mind during winters thinking of new ways to get those salmon to take… Magical place.

The Stora Laxa is a late run salmon river usually and we are almost fully booked on all beats for September but have a few good dates on beat 4 in August. Here you can also read more about the beat and river: http://www.lax-a.net/iceland/salmon-fishing/salmon-self-service/stora-laxa-beat-4/

For more information you can contact: valgerdur@lax-a.is or info@lax-a.is

All my best