East Ranga In 2018

Easty Ranga is not heading towards her best year in 2017. Catches have been somewhat disappointing, but that is only because we have become used to so good years. This year the river will be somewhere between 2000 – 3000 salmon which is under the average catch. Still for an 18 rod 2000 -3000 salmon is not the end of the world!

But we have great news. In 2018 we sincerely think the river should do much better as then almost triple smolt release to previews years should come in to effect. We have already heard the smolt release was a success so we are optimistic of at least doubling the catch for the river next year.

If you have not secured you licenses for the East in 2018 you should seriously think about doing so soon!

Tight Lines

Johann David – jds@lax-a.is