Christmas is coming!

Not quite, but still with the opening of the season around the corner we feel just like kids before Christmas…

The trout fishing season in Iceland starts in just a week from now when many rivers and lakes open for business. April is a prime month for sea-trout fishing and the opening slots in many of our top sea-trout rivers are sold out way in advance.

The sea-trout is one of the best fighting sport fish in the world and i personally have difficulty in choosing between the sea-trout and the salmon. My most memorable fish up do date was a sea-trout. It was not my largest fish by any means, measured about 4kg. But pound for pound that fish gave me the hardest fight i have ever had. I swear that there was smoke arising from my reel as he took almost all of my backing out. But then all of a sudden he gave up and went tame as lamb.

That is the real difference between the Sea-Trout and the salmon. One of them is a sprinter and the other more of a long distance runner. The Sea Trout uses all his energy in the beginning with explosive bursts but the Salmon fights in a more moderate way for a longer time.


I can’t wait to go fishing. Just can’t wait. And then the summer is just around the corner with the opening of the salmon rivers . I am just like a kid before Christmas. Join me for some fun this spring and summer.


Tight lines


Johann David –