Calm Stóra Laxá

One of the staff favorite rivers is Stóra Laxá. We simply never get tired of talking about the river and it is the first place on our mind when the summer arrives.

It is not because of the massive fishing or highest catch per rod per day, it is something totally different. Stóra Laxá is the kind of a river which visits you in your dreams. The landscape is so spectacular; the remoteness is so great, you are perfectly happy with just one salmon per day. Of course there are some days when the river gives more, and even sometimes a lot. But still you are happy just to be there, up in the canyon looking down at the crystal clear water- big fish swimming lazily in the calm water.

But will they take? You have to be really carful in water this transparent; if they have seen you there is always the next pool. And calmness, just calm down and let Stóra Laxá unwind you.

Tight Lines

Johann David-