Big fishes on the West Ranga

Big fishes on the West Ranga , interesting message from Henrik Kassow Andersen we got some very important information from VAKI yesterday, now is it a fact that a fish on 120 cm went up the west Ranga as they have been looking on the data from the counter in Arbajafoss, no only the 120 cm went up the ladder also a school of some big fish went up some weeks later with the biggest on 117 cm…. see below screendump of the data from VAKI from Arbajarfoss. Truly some real monsters around in the West this year, honestly I expect some 3SW coming into the river next year, especially after this year with all the big fish in both East and West.
For your information We are going to buy a video monitor for the lower counter, this will be mounted already in may next year in the lower waterfall and will measure and video stream all fish passing the waterfall, going to be very exciting to follow the migration of salmon next year.