Best Blanda

Blanda up north is one of Iceland’s best all natural rivers. In the last four years the average catch has been 2940 salmon per year for the 14 rods.

The best beat has been beat one where huge amounts of salmon run through a tightening in the river to go upstream to the upper beats or the Blanda Tributary – Svartá.

Even though the best catch is one beat one we are absolutely not saying the statistics are bad for the upper beats. On the contrary they are very good with each 3-4 rod beat with a few hundred salmon each year. It is just that beat one is absolute world class and probably one of the most productive salmon beats on the planet.

The upper beats are very diverse and perfect for fly fishing. Beats two and three with huge pools perfectly suited for double handers and then you have beat 4 which is completely different. Beat four is in fact a river or a tributary on its own, gin clear and best suited for a single hander. Beat four is very important for the population of salmon in the river because a huge portion of them spawn up there.  It is not uncommon for some of the salmon if conditions are right to run straight up river to their spawning ground.

Blanda has been very popular with local and foreign anglers as well and we have very few dates left for 2017.

Tight Lines,

Johann David –