Beast Feast

In the last few days we have heard stories and seen pictures of very large salmon caught in Iceland. This is the time of the beasts; autumn is prime time for that trophy salmon you have been longing for. The very large cock fish become extremely agitated and angry as it draws closer to spawning time. They protect their turf violently and take a swipe at everything, including your fly.

Not only are they huge, they are beautiful as well with their large cock and reddish autumn colors.

Just in the past week two of the season’s largest ones were caught, measuring 110 and 112 cm. They both came from the famous Big Laxa up north. Attached is a picture of the “smaller” one 110cm.

If you are in Iceland this autumn you might get lucky enough to encounter one of those beasts. We have not heard the last of them, of that I am certain.

Tight Lines

Johann David –