Arctic Char

I have had many enquiries about char fishing in Iceland. Even though we specialize in salmon fishing we have a few trout options available as well.

Miðdalsá is a little river in the west of the country about three hours from Reykjavik. The river is gin clear and there are two rods allowed. Most of the catch is char but the odd salmon is caught as well.

Miðdalsá is relatively cheap with the whole river with two licenses and the small self – catering lodge costing from 250 eur per day. Yes, you can rent your private little trout river at an affordable price; hotel rooms cost more than that!

Here is more info about the river:

Another river known for arctic char is little Varmá. There is no lodge by the river but as it is only 30 minutes from Reykjavik many go there for daytrips. The char in Varmá can be massive in size and the river also has trout and the odd salmon.

Here is more info about the river:

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