99 salmon landed in Blanda!!

After  the first 2.5 amazing days there have been 99 salmon landed in Blanda river beat 1 up north in Iceland. This was only on 4 rods and all salmon were from 78 to over 100cm long! The opening party has been nothing but smiles since the last shift ended and that was with a bang. We had 98 salmon landed but 1 minute before closing our angler Reynir was pulling line in and walking slowly away from the pool where this big salmon jumped his fly as fresh salmon were running in the pool. He lost it after and kept walking with the line hanging and to everybody´s great surprise another one rushed on his fly! He landed that and there we had our 99 salmon for 4 rods in 2.5 days.

What is so amazing with Blanda is that all salmon landed were +2 years and BIG ones. They were incredibly strong and made us work for it every single minute! The river conditions have been perfect, good visibility, clear water, good temperature and the fish are eager to take. Already +200 salmon have gone up the ladder to other beats of the Blanda which are not opening until after a couple of weeks even. We are surely in for a treat this season!

The Blanda beat 1 is fully booked for the next couple of months and we cannot wait to see our rivers opening up one after another as we expect more big fish to be running early as it has been seen in so many rivers a while ago here in Iceland. We have a couple of rods available early July on the East Ranga, this will be the time to go for early runners and the BIG old ones. For more information please contact: valgerdur@lax-a.is

All my best,
Valgerdur Arnadottir