20 pounder from East Ranga

Manuel was fishing in Ranga East and shared this great story along with a picture:

„ I just arrived back from my trip to the west and the east. The west was fishing ok and i got about 12 nice fish mostly all for the  box.

I fished the east just for one day and yesterday morning i hit the Jackpot: i fished from 8.00 until 13.00 and landed 7 fish. lost also  two.

In the seven fish is this wonderful 98 male fish that i also put in the box. The fish had an grid of 47 cm and we estimated the weight of about 20 Pounds – was an fantastic fight for about 20 minutes.  All the other fish were also very big and fresh from the sea and had an length between 75 and 88 cm….. crazy fishing!”.