1 salmon caught and another lost at Birse beat on river Dee

Arni Baldursson caught a beautiful salmon at Birse beat on the Dee yesterday, another one was lost shortly before. Both were at the Tree pool. Although the fishing has been slow on the Dee this season we have been lucky that the Lower Crathes beat has been the most successful on the river and in fact has had better catches already then last year on the beat, by far. We were at the Lower Crathes and over a week there we caught 8 salmon and lost 4, we also caught 2 decent sized sea trout.

Looking forward to hear more from the Dee, it is surely one of the prettiest river and has so much history, feels like an adventure every year returning to the Dee.

For more information please contact:  valgerdur@lax-a.is

All my best,
Valgerdur Arnadottir