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31 July 2015

Langadalsá in the west fjords of Iceland has been gaining moment in recent weeks. The cold weather took a long time to go but finally after almost a month we have strong runs of grilse. The river is now in 100 salmon, which is a lot better than the 57 we had the same time last year. The last anglers to finish their three-day stint got 37 salmon. With good water levels in the river and no signs of changes August in Langadalsá looks good. 

30 July 2015


A brand new top then list is in the house.  The good fishing continues in Blanda and we are surely heading for an all-time record. In general we are having a much better season than last year with for example Norðurá with double the catches of 2014 already.  

29 July 2015

Best day of the season on the West Ranga was the day before yesterday when 126 salmon was landed in one single day , now every day is over 100 salmon to the bank.  Big runs coming in every day and big numbers of fish in most of the pools. Arni arnibald@lax-a.is

29 July 2015

Good run of Salmon in Langadalsa west coast of Iceland  ,  the 4 rods landed 20 salmon yesterday  , river drooping and water temperatures coming up ,  all looks great now ! I expect a good season on Langadalsa  , Iceland overall doing very well and so much better than last year,  there will be some river braking all time record this season. Arni arnibald@lax-a.is

29 July 2015


In the past week we have had good runs in Stora Laxa with all beats producing good numbers. The bottom part of the river or beat 1&2 had a good run of grilse with 5-10 caught per day.

28 July 2015

We have available rods at West Ranga in August. The fishing is going well and we now have catches around 100 salmon per day from the 16 rods. Dates available are from the beginning to middle of August.

For more information on available rods please contact Jóhann Torfi at johann@lax-a.is or the Lax-á office at +354 531-6100.

27 July 2015


River Blanda is totally on fire and is now the first river in Iceland to break the 2000 salmon barrier. All beats of the river are now packed with salmon with catches per day between 100 -200 salmon.

Beat one is now well over 1000 salmon and only four rods fish the beat. We are not hesitant to say that Beat one in Blanda has one of the best catch to rod ratio of any beat in the world.

25 July 2015


Even though we are generally having a much better season this year than last here in Iceland, there are some exceptions to the rule.

Some rivers have been suffering because of external conditions we have no control over – the weather. As we have told you before we had a unusually hard winter with more snow than we have seen for the last 30 years. 

24 July 2015

I just got back from fishing in Greenland with my cousin and photographer Bjork. This was by far one of the most magical places I have ever been in my life, though I have not lived that long I have travelled and seen many places. I knew I would like Greenland and that it was a destination you must go to once in your life. Gotten back, I knew that it was right but now I´m hooked - I want to go again. 

23 July 2015

 A brand new top then list is in the house. We have had a huge week in some rivers and now Blanda tops the charts.  In one week 645 salmons were caught in Blanda and 462 in Norðurá! That is some serious salmon fishing.

21 July 2015


The whole river system of Blanda is producing excellent numbers in the past days. All beats of Blanda are full of fish with catches from the entire river close to 100 salmon per day! Blanda will go over 2000 salmon this summer without a doubt if this good run continues.


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29 July 2015

Good going on all beats on the Blanda river system ,  the 3 rods on the Blanda beat 3 landed 52 salmon in 3 days, same news from all the upper beats beat 2 and beat 4 is also doing well.  It is a great option for anglers to take the upper beats , exclusive beat of 3 - 4 rods , exclusive lodge  , complete privacy for your family or / and friends ,  very reasonable price. Blanda is now on the top of all salmon rivers in Iceland with more than 2000 salmon landed. Arni arnibald@lax-a.is

16 July 2015

Langadalsá is a wonderful, 4 rod, fly only river located in the amazing Westfjords.

Langadalsá is an ideal choice for a small group of friends wishing to have sole use of a river and the self-catering lodge for a week. It is a perfect haven of peace and quiet which makes it one of our most sought after rivers. The average size of fish is quite impressive; around 9 lbs, but fish up to 20 lbs are seen each season. Note that all salmon over 70 cm must be realeased.
15 July 2015

The Blanda beat one has been on fire the past days and is packed with salmon. We are happy to know our anglers are having a great time there and it is amazing to see how much salmon is in the beat and look forward to see it spreading to other beats of the river as well, specially beat 3, a personal new favorite. It surely is a well hidden secret of Iceland and is amazing to flyfish. 

14 July 2015

Fishing just getting better at Blanda every day  , now at 920 Salmon and fish is all over the upper river now as well,  during the last 3  days 300 salmon have been up the fish ladder on their journey to the upper river , Arni arnibald@lax-a.is

08 July 2015

Friends of mine started fishing the Stora Laxa beat 4, the river is massive as there is much more water there then usual. The first days were slow because of the cold and high water which made it hard to find the fish. We hope the high water will though in fact bring lots of fish in so when the water comes down we can have a lottery ! 

07 July 2015

Here is a photo of our angler from end of June in Sog Sydri Bru, Franck Rivamont. The salmon was a 78cm female. Another salmon was lost yesterday and we look forward receiving more news, other then that the season is starting slowly on the Sydri Bru so it is exciting receiving news for the coming days. The Sydri Bru beat holds 1 rod and comes with a comfortable big summer house located by the river bank. The river is very booked for the summer with 2 days available but we are already booking it for next season. 

06 July 2015

Beat 3 in Blanda has been quite popular for the past few years. Many local anglers go there each summer and keep coming back, in recent years our foreign clients have also been discovering this beat. Beat 3 is over 10 kilometers long, large volume river with only 3 rods. 

05 July 2015

We have 2 rods available prime time on the Big Laxá NES beat , dates are 18 - 21/7 and 5 - 11/8 , contact Arni at arnibald@lax-a.is or call me at +354 8983601

05 July 2015

One of the best openings in years, 4 fish on the bank, a few lost... and lots of action with fish rising to the fly. Most action was on the home beats and above, much to our surprice since the lower beats were on fire last season.... Green Collie Bitch and Night Hawk was once again succesful.  Nice size of fish, all between 82-90cm.


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