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23 October 2014

Russia 2015.
This is our big fish destination on the Russia Kola Peninsula for 2015.
Kola river 6 - 13th June , 13 - 20th June and 20 - 27th June.
Lower Yokanga 19 - 26th June.
Middle Yokanga main camp 27th June to 4th Jul.
Varzina 13 -20th June.
This is all prime weeks at this well known big fish rivers on Kola Peninsula. Very few spots still available , contact Arni at arnibald@lax-a.is or call me at +354 8983601.

22 October 2014

Now the Taimen season is closed in Mongolia and the fishing was truly amazing. The largest fish caught was a 147 cm beast , many were over 130cm.

The Taimen is considered one of the best sportfish in the world, a truly aggressive species that strike the fly on the surface and then all hell breaks loose.

22 October 2014

There just came available 1 rod at Blanda beat 1 12-16th July. The Blanda beat 1 is an early season river in Iceland which means this is the prime time at Blanda. The river is very known in Iceland for huge and powerful salmon. It is easily recommended as one of my favorite rivers in Iceland, there is something so spectacular knowing the big one can take at any time. I had some of my favorite moments at this river this season when catching my biggest one yet of 17 pounds. I also had to work for it as it was landed at a different pool over some big rocks, very challenging and memorable!

21 October 2014

Musk Ox in Greenland 2015. The Musk Ox quota is very limited in Greenland , please contact us now for planning your Greenland Musk Ox hunt for 2015. Arni arnibald@lax-a.is , Mobile +354 8983601

21 October 2014

Ptarmigan shooting is starting next Friday , everyone very excited , weather forcast not that great for the weekend.  Snowing in Iceland now mainly in the north  , Geese shooting will be very good here on the south coast for next week ,  all the Geese from the north / east will arrive now to the south coast.  Arni arnibald@lax-a.is

17 October 2014



Mr. Gordon Smith caught the fish of a lifetime when he was fishing the trees pool on Birse beat in river DEE on October 15th. The Salmon was measured and verified by two guides to be 37 pounds!

17 October 2014


River Blanda finished the season in a respectable third spot with 1931 salmon caught. That is slightly less than the 2611 salmons that were caught in 2013. Never the less we are very pleased with the results in a year which was very slow overall in the country.

14 October 2014

West Ranga is the first and will be the only salmon river in Iceland where over 3.000 salmon are caught this year but the fishing has been going strong the last days. 

Salmon number 3.000 was caught at pool Tjarnarbreida. This fishing pool has been very good this October and around half of the salmon caught this month was caught there. We are still seeing fresh salmon coming in so it is safe to say there is still a lot of fun in the East. There is still quite a lot of salmon that is getting away but now there is only a week left of the fishing this year so this number will increase and hopefully we will see around 100-150 salmon more.

14 October 2014

Good season on the Blanda river  , 1.931 Salmon was landed this summer 2014 which is excellant fishing indeed.  Beat 1 as usual far the best fishing but the upper beats did well also specially beat 3 and 4. We have few availabilities on beat 2 and 3 in July and August , and there is some openings on beat 1 the second week of August, contact Arni at arnibald@lax-a.is or call me at +354 8983601.

14 October 2014

Big day on the DEE yesterday  , 61 salmon landed and the biggest one a 28 pounder from Park  ,  Lower Crathes / West Durris had 6 salmon yesterday ,  coming to the very end of the season now, Arni arnibald@lax-a.is


10 October 2014


Since all but two of Iceland’s most productive salmon rivers have closed for the season there is not much left to monitor other than the weekly catch in East and West Ranga. 


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23 October 2014

Langadalsa in the westfjords of Iceland is a very interesting self-catering option. It is an ideal choice for a small group of friends wishing to have sole use of a river and the self-catering lodge for a few days. It is a perfect haven of peace and quiet which makes it one of our most sought after rivers. The average size of fish is quite impressive; around 9 lbs, but fish up to 20 lbs are seen each season.

14 October 2014

Crispy and sunny weather here in Iceland every day now. There is lots of geese around and every day we can spot more and more geese in our fields , both on the west coast and the south coast.  We have been fully booked all season so far , but we have now the first week of November available for 4 guns  , contact Arni at arnibald@lax-a.is for further information or call me at +354 8983601.

25 September 2014

This one rod beat in Sogið, only 45 minute drive from Reykjavik, is perfect for those who don’t want to travel far from the capital for a couple of days of salmon fishing. The beat has the most salmon caught on the river per rod with around 100 to 150 salmon caught each year. It has a fantastic house that comes with the rod and plenty of activities in the area for all of the family.

The house has three bedrooms that room in all 6 people plus a loft with madrassas. This beat is very popular and gets sold up very quickly usually as it is a nice 1 rod beat with great price for the big house and perfect for a group of friends and family to relax.

24 September 2014

We had a great report from Pierre Affre fishing Stora Laxa this year, here is what he had to say about a week starting slow and getting so much better in a matter of days:

When we arrived at the lodge of Beat 1 & 2 on the 24 th of august, on the Stora Laxa,  I rushed for the log book only to see that only one grilse has been caught during the previous week. Last year, same time of year, there were some 80 salmons in the book, caught by four rods…No rain for 4 weeks and apparently poor runs in 2014 in most of icelandic rivers, were certainly  responsible for this lack of water and of fish…We had only 3 days on Stora Laxa with Peter, but then I was following for a whole week (27/8-2/9) with a group of 3 clients. From top of beat 2 to bottom of beat 1 (Kongbakki and the pool below), in the next two days , we didn’t see a fish or even rise one to our flies. Then for our last evening with Peter, Arni came to prepare an icelandic lamb BBQ, that he is a real expert…He told me not to worry too much about the week to come, as some little rain was forecasted in the next days , and that because most of the run in Stora Laxa is a late summer one, some fish should finally arrive in our beats.

17 September 2014

Only 45 minuted drive from the Capital Reykjavik is the Sog river. We can offer you trout fishing lax-a.net/iceland/fishing-iceland/sog-asgardur-trout.html on our Asgardur beat all April , May and until the middle of June. The beat is exclusive to 3 rods only. The lodge is very comfortable and spacious, it has a nice jacuzzi on the veranda overlooking the river, sauna, nice living and dining  room and 3 twin bedrooms. This lodge is one of the nicest fishing lodges of Iceland. Very affortable weeks fishing in Iceland and a great holiday! 

12 September 2014

This last summer we had great difficulties to get our anglers and hunters to Greenland because the flights got booked up so fast. Booking is taking off very early now for 2015 ,  please if you are planning Greenland for 2015 contact us as soon as possible so we can reserve Iceland - Greenland - Iceland flights for you in time , Arni arnibald@lax-a.is  Mobile +354 8983601

10 September 2014

The Stora Laxa river is one of the most beautiful rivers in Iceland, for myself I will never get enough of it, there are new fishing places around every corner more beautiful then the other. The Asgardur is situated nearby which makes it great as a combination but that is a very different river so it is good to experience both. It would be perfect to spend f.ex. 3 days at Stora Laxa and 2 days at Sog Asgardur and Sydri Bru.

07 September 2014

There where 34 Salmon landedon the East Ranga yesterday , the river is now at 2.227 Salmon , Arni arnibald@lax-a.is

03 September 2014

East Rangá is now at 2.124 Salmon , not the best season on the East Ranga , but most definately the best season of big fish  , Arni arnibald@lax-a.is  Mobile +354 8983601


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